Hedge Shaping & Reduction

Whether you would just like your hedges tidied up, or reduced in size, re-shaping your hedges makes an instant difference to the appearance of your garden.

Tree Work

Shaping a tree can massively improve its appearance. If needed, trees can be reduced, keeping them at a manageable size. I also carry out small to medium tree removal. After felling, trees can either be taken away, or cut up for firewood.

Weed Control

Weeding not only makes a huge difference to the appearance of your garden, it also improves the health of your plants. Weeds take nutrients from the soil, and crowd other plants (slowing their growth).
It’s best to get weeds up by the root so they stay gone for longer; chemical control can also be useful.
Once you have clear space around plants, you’ll be able to maintain and feed them as needed; it also makes planning your garden easier.

Digging over

Digging your garden over in the Autumn/Winter months will help plants grow better the following year. Turning the soil over helps with drainage and aeration, and is a good opportunity to add manure or fertiliser.


Sometimes plants outgrow their space and would do better somewhere else. All types of planting carried out.

Lawn Care

Regular lawn mowing and edging will keep your garden looking tidy. Grass fertilising and weed treatments help improve lawn health, avoiding a patchy appearance. If there are already bald patches, seeding or turfing may be needed.


Sometimes painting and rot proofing is all a fence needs to tidy it up and prolong its life. Where needed, repairs or replacement can also be carried out.

Gravel, Slate & Wood Chip

Covering the ground is a good way to change the look of your space. In combination with a weed-proof membrane, this van also hold back weeds. Great for when you’d prefer a tidy, lower-maintenance garden.

Garden Clearance

A day’s work can make a big difference to an overgrown garden. Structures such as walls, sheds, greenhouses, decking and patios can also be taken away for recycling.

Waste Disposal

Where possible, I cut and compact green waste into your garden recycling bins, or use your compost area. Waste can also be taken away for recycling, or cleared to a skip/hippo bag.

Pest Control

Where possible we share our world with the wide variety of wildlife we find around us. Unfortunately there are situations where animals can pose human health risks or cause damage to property. I carry out some types of pest control for my regular clients, let me know if you would like more information.

Property Maintenance

If you have other jobs around your home or garden that you’d like help with, please feel free to ask.

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